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About Austin Burke

austinburkeScranton and Lackawanna County enjoy unique architecture, inspiring churches, inviting landscapes and joyful ethnic celebrations which are legacies of generations of immigrants who brought their special talents, beliefs and creative energies here.
Wave after wave came for the opportunity to build America, to turn the steel rails that spanned our continent, to mine the coal that fired our furnaces and to serve under arms to secure our freedom and protect our liberty.

Their energy, enthusiasm and skills built a community and created iconic architectural wonders that continue to serve our churches, schools, governments and arts. Their ethnic pride also enlivens our many festivals, parades and holiday gatherings that preserve the traditions and pride of many heritages.

Austin Burke is a product of the region and of proud, hard-working immigrant ancestors. Burke has worked to record the pride of the populace, their creations and their celebrations through a series of paintings he produced over the past two decades. Now retired after a forty-year career as former president of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, Burke is making his work available to friends and admirers who have requested it and to the residents, visitors and alumni who share a love for this Northeastern Pennsylvania community.