Austin Burke

Austin Burke is a product of the region and of proud, hard-working immigrant ancestors. Burke has worked to record the pride of the populace, their creations and their celebrations through a series of paintings he produced over the past two decades.
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Biden’s Life Journey


Media: Oil on Canvas Panel
Dimensions: 8"X10"

Biden’s Life Journey
On November 3, 2020, President-Elect Joe Biden signed the living room wall in his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania:
“From this house to the White House with the Grace of God”.
The first ten years of Joe Biden’s childhood were spent in this home.
Reports from childhood friends recount an adventurous lad enjoying the possibilities of a
“Happy Days” era, complete with a hoagie shop, ball fields and even the uniquely Scranton challenges of a then burning culm bank.

What a great place to start a life!
What a wonderful journey!

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