Austin Burke

Austin Burke is a product of the region and of proud, hard-working immigrant ancestors. Burke has worked to record the pride of the populace, their creations and their celebrations through a series of paintings he produced over the past two decades.
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Scranton Times Tower fm Franklin Ave


Media: Acrylic On Canvas
Dimensions: 11" X 14"


The Times/WEJL radio tower, atop the Scranton Times Building (constructed in 1926-1927) serves as Pennsylvania’s tallest Christmas Tree when it is lit to herald the Christmas season.

This view is from Franklin Avenue.  The view features a  trompfe l’oie mural by Hank Fels, depicting the newspaper publishing process and presses.

The tower is visible from all parts of the city but is especially dramatic when seen from Scranton’s West Mountain area as Scranton’s Downtown serves as a backdropABurke_Scranton Times_Franklin Ave_11x17

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