Austin Burke

Austin Burke is a product of the region and of proud, hard-working immigrant ancestors. Burke has worked to record the pride of the populace, their creations and their celebrations through a series of paintings he produced over the past two decades.
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Weinberg Memorial Library, Univ of Scranton


Media: Acrylic On Canvas
Dimensions: 20" X 16"

The 80,000-square foot Weinberg Memorial Library is the geographic and intellectual center of the University’s campus. In addition to accommodating the University’s library collections and archives, it serves as an information center linked to major libraries and data bases nationwide.

The semi-circular, glass-walled Pro Deo et Universitate Room is open to the students 24 hours.  At night the Pro Deo Room creates a beacon at the heart of the campus, drawing students to its function and providing a bright and secure setting for nighttime study.ABurke_Weinburg Memorial Library, University of Scranton_11x17_H

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